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What can we do for you?
The company “Marbis” will take care of everything related to the foreign economic activities of your company.

We will help to find suppliers and partners, hold negotiations.
We will develop a strategy.
Calculate the cost.
Competently and quickly issue a deal, cargo and all documents.
We will deliver the goods directly to your warehouse.


Conducting transactions by graduates
Compliance with the deadlines for the execution of tasks
Great work experience, knowledge and high qualification of employees
Fixed price policy

WE’LL FIND clients for you,

WE’LL ORGANIZE the rapid deployment of cargo,

WE’LL HELP in its customs registration and do all the customs clearance formalities,

WE’LL CONSULT you about any questions, related to foreign trade activities

minutes to our office from the custom house "Domodedovo"
of profitable contracts
partner firms worldwide
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It’s simple. Follow these simple procedures:
register at the customs, get an electronic digital signature, make documents for the customs, calculate and pay customs fees, get a certificate or declaration of conformity, open a transaction passport, classify goods according to TNVED, exchange currency (at a favorable rate), prepare statements for currency control, check documents for compliance with legislation, find the carrier of your cargo and warehouse for temporary storage, consolidate the entire cargo in the warehouse, insure the cargo, check the arrival of goods to prepare customs declaration, to accompany the release of goods, to respond to customs requests, to return customs payments, to control the movement of cargo, to organize unloading of goods, to sign closing documents, to prepare accounting documents …

Yes, all this is really not difficult. Especially if you have a hand in communication with government agencies, are well versed in customs law and brilliantly maintain accounting. Of course, you can master all these skills. But if you want to save time and money, we will help to import goods from abroad both on a one-time basis and on an ongoing basis.

To import goods yourself, clearly define the product, the place of purchase, the supplier and the price. The costs of importation will strongly depend on the codes you have defined and the import scheme.

In any case, you will need:

Contract with the supplier of the goods (as a rule in two languages: the importer and the exporter.The delivery terms should be stipulated in the contract).
Passport of import transaction.
Currency account (the currency you will pay).
Certificates / declarations, if the goods are subject to certification or declaration of conformity.
Each product requires its own way of transportation, and consequently the order of customs clearance, certification, payment. Determined with the name of the product, look at the HS code and determine its code, specify whether certificates of conformity and a registration certificate are required for this product. Be sure to read the INCOTERMS. Invoices and CMR, of course, will be in the sender’s language.

These are the main measures for import of imported goods into the territory of the Russian Federation. But not all the nuances and subtleties are set forth here. If you want to avoid “rake”, until you understand the intricacies of importing the product yourself, contact us. We will take care of all import duties, and you will be able to get qualified help and advice at every step. Over time, you can independently import goods, avoiding errors, downtime at the border and fines.

Many Russian buyers are looking for suppliers on the Internet … and lose money. Many serious manufacturers and suppliers do not promote their services through the Internet, do not develop their sites and are not advertised on popular resources. Such suppliers “swim by” those who are looking for offers only through the Internet. Add a low reputation of Russian buyers in a number of countries and you will realize that it is difficult to reach a really good supplier through the Internet.

With China without intermediaries, directly and even without personal meetings, only the most desperate work: it is considered a mauveton if you are not present at the conclusion of a contract personally or through a representative. It’s almost a guarantee that you will not be able to make a really good deal.

We will help you find a supplier, arrange transportation, quality control of the products, certification of goods and customs clearance.
But first you must clearly determine the range, price, volume of purchases, the speed of supply and the features of your product. After our representative personally visited the Chinese company and inspected their business, you can make out the first shipment of the goods.

In addition to simplifying the work with the supplier and customs, you will receive a substantial saving on payment of fees due to properly organized import schemes and knowledge of nuances in foreign and Russian customs legislation.

We check every supplier and carrier for reliability. We ensure the security of the transaction.


We have been working for a long time and can guarantee that with the help of our knowledge you will save up to 20% of the cost of imports.
We know the answers to the questions: Who can we work with, and with whom we should not? Where can I find a reliable carrier? How to reduce the tax burden?


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