ООО \"Марбис\" - ведущий поставщик микроэлектроники в России
+7 917 070 1331
ООО "Марбис"
ведущий поставщик микроэлектроники в России
+7 917 070 1331

Аbout us

LLC “MARBIS” is a Russian company operating on the international transport market, customs logistics and providing a full range of services in the field of foreign economic activity.

We are always in touch and ready to arrange for you a fast delivery of goods, to assist in its customs clearance, as well as to consult on any foreign trade issues. The legal department will provide full legal support for transactions, and our logistics and customs experts will choose the optimal scheme for the delivery of goods and their design, and correctly plan its customs clearance and all warehouse operations, as well as the preparation of necessary documents and payment through foreign currency accounts.

Our main advantage is outsourcing of foreign trade activities of your company, which implies full support: purchase, logistics, customs clearance, other services of the importer. We will ensure the selection of foreign suppliers, the conclusion and accompaniment of contracts, the organization of procurement of goods, the preparation of necessary permits for export or import, transport logistics and transportation of goods, customs clearance, as well as the delivery of goods to the client’s warehouse.

The minimum terms of delivery from the warehouse to the warehouse at the expense of air delivery, the consolidation of small loads, which allows to optimize costs, delivery by other modes of transport, as well as rapid customs clearance, allow us to improve your business qualitatively.

To date, our permanent partners are both foreign and Russian companies from various fields of activity: electronic equipment and its components, spare parts for cars, special equipment and industrial equipment, medical equipment and consumables for it, printing equipment, packaging materials, etc. .

Thanks to our long-term experience in foreign economic activity and export-import trade operations, our company’s specialists will take on difficult issues and will be happy to help you make your business more efficient.

Our capabilities are your advantages!

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