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Сustoms registration

The procedure of customs clearance is a set of measures aimed at passing goods belonging to private and legal entities, the state borders. If these procedures are carried out independently, it is necessary to ensure compliance with a lot of subtleties and rules. In addition, the procedures themselves require a very serious approach to the case, knowledge of the legal and legislative norms established for this type of activity. However, you can solve the problem in a more simple and modern way. For this it is necessary only to use the services of our company and to receive the necessary assistance at the highest professional level.

Customs clearance of cargo is an important component in the successful conduct of business. Those companies, enterprises and organizations whose activity involves the regular transportation of products across the borders of states, professional assistance helps significantly speed up the passage of procedures, saves money spent on compliance with all state requirements.

For many years our company provides customs clearance and freight forwarding services. During this time we managed to accumulate a colossal experience and learn all the procedural subtleties associated with this type of work, and are ready to offer an optimal ratio of the cost and quality of services. Depending on how large the volume of the shipment of goods will be, we are ready to offer optimal integrated solutions for each client. The company has a successful experience of cooperation with private and legal entities, helps to obtain documents for import and export of goods to various countries of the world, both bordering the Russian Federation and located on other continents. We successfully conduct our work with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the FCS, one of the first to learn about all the changes in the legislation.


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MARBIS LLC specializes in customs clearance of exported and imported goods, we provide an individual approach to work with clients and always achieve the set goals. Established relations with customs specialists help the company avoid many mistakes made by representatives of the business sphere with independent attempts to conduct procedures.

Procedural features of customs clearance

In what order is the customs clearance of goods in accordance with applicable legislative requirements? Cargoes at customs pass it according to a certain scheme. In the process of work the customs services take into account the following factors:

  • a variety of goods or products;
  • purpose of imported or exported objects;
  • The mode of transportation and the type of facility on which the transportation is performed;
  • categories of persons applying for customs clearance.

To our clients we offer opportunities for successful conclusion of transactions through our firm, which has reliable partners with the stamp of a customs broker. In this case, the time for execution of all papers will be substantially reduced, and the customs clearance itself will be completed on time, without delays, especially dangerous for perishable goods.

Customs clearance

It is important to know: customs clearance is a procedure that is compulsory for carrying out when passing the state border. This practice is extended to all the states of the Customs Union. Import and export of products must be carried out in accordance with the established requirements. Registration of documents is required not only for the crossing of land and air borders, but also for moving along the sea route or in the framework of multimodal transport, when the goods are delivered by several modes of transport. It is here that it is especially important to observe all the procedural subtleties.

LLC “MARBIS” specializes in customs clearance of exported and imported goods. We provide an individual approach to work with clients and always achieve our goals. Established relations with customs specialists help the company avoid many mistakes made by representatives of the business sphere with independent attempts to conduct procedures. Conveniently located office in 15 minutes from Domodedovo Customs gives us the opportunity to respond quickly to the tasks assigned.

Compliance with the terms of customs clearance is especially important in cases when it comes to transporting goods belonging to the category of food products. Here, incorrectly executed documents can cause significant material losses. In total there are 17 customs regimes specified in the current legislative acts. The declarant has the right to choose the optimal options for himself, according to which his cargo will pass the border. But even here it is important to follow the established requirements, go through the necessary registration procedures, present accompanying documentation and wait for the completion of the clearance procedure.

Features of customs clearance
One of the features of customs clearance is a significant bureaucratization procedure. It is this moment that significantly affects the fact that many individuals and entrepreneurs are faced with a refusal to cross the border.

The slightest mistake in the documentation negates all the efforts that were made when collecting the necessary papers. Of course, the bureaucratization of the procedure involves the fact that the movement of goods occurs across national borders and must comply with the laws of both countries.

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The price of customs clearance

The price for the service provided by the specialists of our company depends on the list of services provided, as well as on the frequency of border crossing. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to such aspects as the order of cooperation. If you sign a long-term contract with us, the rates are chosen individually. For one-time treatment, the price calculation is also made on an individual basis. You can specify our tariffs by contacting specialists, as well as receive free advice.

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